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Your Financial Partner Through Tough Decisions

Your Financial Partner Through Tough Decisions

Through the uncertainties you are facing, we at Patrick Accounting and Whirks strive to be a guiding light, a sounding board, and a friend. We know you have tough decisions to make that will impact your team and your business. Here are some of the actions we are taking to help our clients, who are the champions in our story.

  • We are staying focused on what we actually know. We are here to give financial guidance, not to speculate what might happen.

  • We are staying current on what the government is offering in terms of support, assistance, and deferrals to aid your business.

  • We are reminding you to keep your business current with payments and responsibilities that you will have to make to get through these times. We are also reminding you to make sure your sales tax, payroll tax, and other government taxes are paid as required to the best of your abilities.

  • We are here to run any projections or to give you insight from a financial standpoint.

  • We are making sure your information is as up-to-date as possible so you can truly make informed decision and are not deciding completely in the dark.

  • If and when an SBA loan application or request for aid is available, we will help you complete this information for no additional fees.

We can recommend the following:

  • We can recommend cash preservation strategies
  • We can recommend payroll funding strategies
  • Prioritization of vendor payments and automated drafts
  • Revenue generation strategies if available
  • Labor reduction strategies

We are here to be the Mick to your Rocky. When Rocky got knocked down, Mick was yelling at him to get up. We got this. Get up Rock!! One step better every day!

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As always, you can reach us by phone.

Memphis office: (901) 755.5858

Little Rock office: (501) 834.5757

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