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About Us

Like you, we’re also a small business.

Our mission is to give your business the opportunity to thrive by simplifying your financial and people complexities.  With accurate, timely financials and strategic advice, you’re to focus on what you care about— your business.

Reflecting on 20 Years
Individualized Expertise

How We Work for You

Small business owners have a million tasks every day and that accounting takes up time that could be used for more important things.

That’s why we are committed to helping small business owners reach their goals and free up their time. We’ve been handling accounting for our clients for 20 years, including over 60 restaurants in Memphis.

The Foundation of Success

Your Partner in Financial Growth

Patrick Accounting was founded in 2003 to assist business owners and HR people become more efficient by implementing better back-office processes and leveraging world-class software.

While starting local in the greater Memphis area, we have since experienced rapid growth and currently serve clients all across the US by offering a service that is simple, paired with best in class customer service.

Who Should Work With Us?
Driven by Purpose, Founded on Passion

Our Values

These values aren't just what we strive for; they're the essence of who we are, guiding us in our mission to make a meaningful impact every day. Our goal is to deliver financial services that truly make a difference.

More Than Your Accountant

We’re Your Financial Fitness Trainer

Like most accounting firms, we help you with bookkeeping, taxes, and compliance.

What makes us different is how we help you streamline your systems, provide insight into your financials, and guide you toward better business designs.

small business specialists

Grow Your Business with Empathetic Expertise

As a small business ourselves, we uniquely understand the challenges and opportunities you face. This empathy guides every service tailored specifically for small business needs.


Avoid Unpleasant Surprises with Proactive Bookkeeping and Reporting

Not just reactive; we actively seek ways to improve your financial operations. Anticipate regular insights, advice, and support tailored to enhance your business's financial wellness and growth.

patrick academy

Get Access to Continuous Education

Whether welcoming the opportunity to delegate financial tasks or initially apprehensive, access tools and education that equip you for a journey of financial growth and confidence.

proven systems

Proven Systems, Organized Success

Experience the peace of mind that comes from never having to question the punctuality or accuracy of your financial reports. With proven systems and processes that keep your business organized, always have timely and accurate information you can depend on. 


Empowering Technology

While we harness technology to streamline your financial processes, we don't stop there. We challenge and guide you to enhance these systems, ensuring continuous improvement in your financial operations.

Hear From Our Clients

A Partnership Built to Last

Cultivating Success Together

At Patrick Accounting, our culture is a testament to our commitment to excellence—both in the services we provide and the environment we create for our team.

Through initiatives that promote continuous learning, community involvement, and well-being, we’re not just accounting for your business's success; we're cultivating it together.

why Whirk Here?

Awards and Recognition

Our CPA firm in Memphis has been named on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list each year from 2019 to 2023.

The Memphis Business Journal has recognized us as a Best Place to Work from 2019 to 2023, with a special win in the Small Category in 2021. In 2022, Patrick Accounting was awarded the MBJ Small Business Award in the Medium Category.

Accounting Today has included us among the Best Firms to Work For in both 2021 and 2023. And in 2022, we were honored with the PASBA Accounting Firm of the Year award.

mbj best places to work patrick accounting
We don’t treat awards as a means of boosting our own egos, but as proof that we consistently do right by our clients and our team.
Why Choose Us?

Dedication You Can Count On

Our promise is simple yet profound: your books will always be delivered on time, complete, and accurate. With Patrick Accounting, proactive outreach is the norm, not the exception—we’re here to guide, advise, and celebrate your business’s growth every step of the way.