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We’ve all had the experience in school of walking out of an exam feeling woefully under-prepared and thinking…

“Well, that’s definitely not what I expected.”

But when you are running a small business and you walk out of your accountant’s office saying the same thing about your taxes, there’s a problem.

Your taxes should not come as a surprise.

When you have an accountant who is a partner, it’s like having the answers to the test before the actual test. Even when there are massive changes—like this year for example—it’s your partner’s job to stay on top of those.

Our team has invested hundreds of hours educating ourselves on the new tax laws and communicating these to existing and potential clients. It literally is our job to do this. It’s our job to be prepared for what’s to come, so we can equip you with answers and advice that help you do your job of running a profitable business.

Mick helped Rock win fights because Mick knew the game and was ready for whatever the opponent was going to do.  He understood how to train Rocky to win, and communicated in a way that helped Rocky avoid trouble. Your team here at Patrick Accounting is like Mick, and you can think of yourself as Rocky.

When you win, we win.

We are in your corner, passionately committed to making you get one-step better every day. Take a minute to listen to my video below for 3 steps that will help you stay ahead on your taxes every single year. Then reach out (if you haven’t already) and find out how we can help!

Let’s go!

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