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During a post-Super Bowl press conference, you’ll never hear the winning quarterback say, “Y’know…I’m not really sure how we got here. It just kinda happened.”

No! No one ever wandered into success.

People who are great at what they do set goals and work hard to achieve them.

In our blog series on goal setting we’ve covered best practices on how to set goals.

Now, let’s point you to some tools that will help you go after them!

3 Great Goal-Setting Tools

These aren’t by any means the only tools available. But we think they’re really good and definitely worth a look!

  1. Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner

    In a world dominated by digital, Hyatt offers us a refreshingly effective step back to a time where pen and paper helped us get things done.

    It uses the principles he teaches in his “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever” and “Free to Focus” courses, and is designed to take you through a 90-day cycle of goal-setting (and goal-achieving.) It offers a mix of pages dedicated to long- and short-term tracking including: annual goals, monthly calendars and daily pages, as well as weekly and quarterly previews.

    The Full Focus Planner goes beyond the typical “office supply store planner” with sections that allow you to envision your ideal week and perfect daily rituals. Plus, it is a really nice hardcover journal that you’ll want to keep…not like those flimsy spiral calendar things.

    Order a single 90-day planner for $39.99 or sign up for an annual subscription to receive 4 planners for $125. (He’ll even let you kick the tires for 30 days…if you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund.)
  2. GoalsOnTrack

    This one will scratch the itch of people who prefer to keep life synced between multiple screens.

    GoalsOnTrack is a software designed to help you set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method, which we’re big fans of. Simply fill in a form to create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

    Goals can then be broken down into multi-level subgoals and you track your progress in several different ways. A built-in calendar tool, along with time and task management features, keep you on target.

    You can also set up a “vision board” if you’re someone who benefits from motivational images (and even music!) to keep the dream in sight. This feature is a little too “woo-woo” for my tastes, but to each his or her own!

    Like you’d expect from an accountant, I love the fact that the software provides you with tons of reports and charts to track your goals achieved, completed tasks and how your time is spent. GoalsOnTrack costs $68 for an annual subscription, which includes unlimited access to their web and mobile apps, upgrades and several motivational e-book bonus materials.
  3. Brian Moran’s “12 Week Year

    This one is for the goal-setting mega-achievers who have read the first two suggestions and laughed.

    There’s no way a journal or an app can keep up with these top performers! And 90 days? That may be fine for some people, but if you’re looking to goal-set rings around those people…look no further.

    The premise behind the 12 week year (similar to the Full Focus Planner) is that you get more done when you focus on smaller segments of time. Rather than focusing on 12 months which doesn’t create a sense of urgency, Moran has you focus on 12 weeks at a time (effectively a quarter) so you can focus your energy and activity on achieving results in a shorter time frame. Moran also introduces a variety of concepts including the weekly accountability meeting (WAM) which helps distinguish it from other programs on the market.
    Moran claims his program will help you “accomplish more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months.” And plenty of high-octane professionals have seen it do just that.
    No matter how intense you are (or not), you can check out his store and take advantage of the “12 Week Year” in several ways:

    The book – ($17.95) entry level, great for those who want an inexpensive way to see what it’s all about and learn the basics of Moran’s process.
    The field guide – ($21.75) level two, for people who’ve read the book and want a plan to help make it come to life.
    The “Achieve! Power Pack” – (3 payments of $99) for people who are “all in,” includes: the book, training videos, worksheets, orientation meeting and a 12-month subscription to Moran’s custom online software.

    If that’s not “uber” enough for you, you can dive even deeper with one-on-one coaching, certification, and live events.

  4. Bonus Tool: A kitchen timer

    Seriously. It’s not flashy, unless you get the Death Star one I recommend, and it only does one thing. Tick and go “ding.”

    But that may be all you need sometimes. Cut away all the clutter and just focus on one simple thing for a set amount of time– whether it’s checking email, working on a client project or even limiting your time on social media. The “ding!” will keep you focused and accountable.

No matter what your goals are or which tools best help you achieve them, we’d love to partner with you and your small business to help your crush your financial goals.

Contact us through our website or on the phone at 901-755-5858 in Memphis or 501-834-5757 in Little Rock.

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