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The Restaurant Grind Podcast

We love the restauranteur story - each one is different, but they have one thing in common: that grit & grind attitude to push through when things get tough. Join JD & Matt as they here a new story each week and tackle modern day struggles faced by restaurant owners today.

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Matt Patrick

Founder, CEO

Matt has a passion for working with other owners who want to not only grow but who are never satisfied with the status quo. He believes in working as a team and winning as a team, and leading with generosity and fellowship. His love for the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to helping small business owners achieve their goals continues to fuel the firm's mission for its clients and itself, to get one step better every day.




JD Swift

Sales & Business Development

John Dean Swift, or “JD”, is the passionate host behind The Restaurant Grind Podcast. A Mississippi State University graduate, JD earned a degree in Business and Psychology in 2010. His passion for the restaurant industry took root during his college years, leading to a decade-long journey where he donned multiple hats—from line cook to General Manager. These roles not only allowed JD to bring joy to countless customers but also equipped him with impeccable communication skills, unwavering focus, and agility to handle pressure.

In 2017, JD transitioned to Sysco in Memphis, taking on a role that utilized his knowledge of the restaurant industry to help support local restaurants with their inventory needs. This vibrant city also marked a significant chapter in his personal life, where he met his future wife and welcomed their first child in 2023. Now working in business development for Patrick Accounting, JD continues to connect with restaurant owners and leaders to help deliver them solutions that help to run a smooth business. Join JD on The Restaurant Grind Podcast as he dives into the inspiring stories of local restauranteurs and how they’ve found success in an unforgiving industry.





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