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A curated list of valuable guides, blogs, and other tools you need for your business to thrive.

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10 Tips to Win Opening Day

Are you starting a new business or adding a new location and overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to do? Here's a practical guide to help you organize your books, tax accounts you need, bank recommendations, and payroll tips to ensure you can start opening day with confidence.

Win! Win! Win!

See the tips here

Business Retirement Plan Options

Should you start a 401K? What's the difference between an IRA and a SEP? If you're a small business owner and you feel behind on planning for retirement, you are not alone. Now's a great time to explore the options you have and the tax implications of each.

When its time to walk away

View some of your options here

Build the Ideal SB Benefits Package

Offering group health benefits to employees can be daunting for small business owners, as it requires navigating complex insurance options and managing costs. As a result, small business owners need to design a health benefits package that balances cost and coverage. Here's how.

Get your tools, We building!

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1099 vs. W2 Assessment

Do you know the difference between independent contractors and employees? Are you certain you are paying and classifying them correctly to avoid penalties and fines? Learn the IRS definitions to ensure you're compliant and confident that you're team is set up best for your business.

Let us help

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FAQs on Employee Retention Credit

Did you take advantage of the COVID-related employee retention tax credits? If you didn't, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Explore our frequently asked questions about who qualifies, who doesn't, and how much those credits are.

Answering the tough questions

Read all the FAQs here

Records Retention Guidelines

How long do you need to keep your business taxes, records, and certificates in case you're audited? Discarding too early can lead to problems, but we all hate that filing cabinet with twenty years of garbage in. Here's our guide for which records to retain and how long you should keep them per the IRS audit guidelines.

Know before you let it go

Learn more about these guidelines here

Meals and Entertainment Deductions Guide

Do you know what you can claim as a deduction on your taxes? The list is longer than you think! Learn about meals, entertainment, Christmas parties, and many other deductions so you can legally reduce your business tax liability.

The guide you need!

View the guide here

Guide to Common Tax Deduction

You may be wondering about which tax deductions you can claim on your business and personal taxes. Here is our guide for the most common tax deductions you need to take advantage of like mortgage interest, office expenses, supplies, taxes and licenses, and much more!

The guide you needed

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Quoting Group Health Insurance

Offering insurance may seem daunting to implement, but that can depend on the expectations that companies have going into the process.This guide is designed for small to mid-size businesses looking to get health insurance quotes for their organization.

Expect the unexpected

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