Strategic Planning

If you’re looking to make more money, and after you make it, keep more of it, proactive planning and consistency are the keys. As part of our ongoing service for our business clients, we meet with them on a regular basis (at least 3-4 times)throughout the year. Each of these meetings are focused and have an agenda designed to allow our business clients to step out of the day to day grind and work on their business instead of in it. Our goal for these meetings is to make sure we are helping you meet your long term goals and providing you with insight you need to do it. We discuss such items as budgeting, cash flow, tax planning, and goal setting and review. At any given point of time we want you to know where you stand from not only a tax standpoint, but also how you are doing as compared against where you thought you would be at this point-in time.

We believe this is what you as a business owner truly value. Sure, it’s great to get financial statements monthly and that your tax return was completed on time, but any accounting firm should be able to do that. You as a business owner are looking for a sounding board, someone to ask questions to, and sometimes someone to help remind you of what your goals are. Our clients ask us if it is the right time to hire another salesperson, or if now is a good time to buy a new car or piece of equipment for the business.

We believe as you do, yes we will absolutely do the basics, from reconciling your bank accounts to providing you with timely financial statements, but what you are often really expecting is that next level, insight! You know what, that is what we expect as well!

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