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Too many years ago playing high school football, I remember when the horn blew to end the 3rd quarter and every player would put four fingers in the air. Everyone in the stands would do it, and everyone would be looking around like, “Hey you know what’s after the 3rd quarter right – the 4th quarter, no way!” 

Everyone was super hyped at the start of the game, and after the crowd settled down at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, we knew that’s when the real game started. Then at half time, the coaches would make their adjustments to be ready for what the other team was doing and what we were going to do to succeed against the other team. After halftime, it was understood that NOW it was go time, and NOW in 4th quarter, we were ready to fight to the finish. NOW we would give that extra 10 percent. NOW we would remember why we worked so hard all summer. NOW we could prove that we were in better shape than the other team.  

Well, it’s the 4th quarter, we have four fingers in the air, and NOW it is time to finish what we started.

You remember those goals we talked about at the beginning of the year? NOW is the time to make sure you hit them. NOW is the time to reap what you sowed in the summer. Those marketing efforts, those reviews of software or processes – NOW is the time. NOW is the time to fix what’s broken or confused. NOW is the time to execute on the marketing plan; NOW is the time to implement the new software you have been meaning to so you can dominate 2020. NOW is the time.  

One of things I think we do really well is constantly working on improving our business. We work extremely hard on our processes and regularly review what is working and what is not. One of the cool exercises we like to do as a team is to say: what is working, what is broken, what is confused, and what is missing. 

For what is working

If you are unsure how well you did this summer, try this exercise to help you get ready for the 4th quarter. It will help remind you that what you are doing is working. This is like remembering to do what is working in football. If you are gaining five yards a carry every time you give the ball to your big tailback, don’t get away from that. 

For what is broken

If the other team keeps sacking your quarterback, you need to fix it. Same goes for your business. If you aren’t closing new deals at the rate you need to be, fix it.   

For what is confused

What is confused can be tricky sometimes. You might not be sure what parts of your business are working as well they should or could be. If you have a process, system, or software that isn’t working correctly or getting the results you think it should be, take a hard look at it. You may find a teammate isn’t doing a process in the right way, so extra training is needed. Or you may find that a simple tweak to the process makes everything run more smoothly. One missed block can mess up the best play, even if the other 10 players are executing perfectly… 

For what is missing

Your recruiting engine may be the thing that’s missing. Every new hire has the potential to be your best employee ever. If you aren’t recruiting with the mindset to find the next best employee ever, then maybe you need to adapt that mindset. Do you think Coach Saban is looking for an average linebacker or the next best linebacker when he recruits? 

You already know as a business owner that having everything working in sync is the key to running an efficient operation. Need a jumpstart in getting this evaluation running? We can help! Let’s schedule a quick 15-minute call to determine our next step in making sure your game plan for the 4th quarter is bulletproof.  

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