Accounting Services Designed for the Needs of Not-for-Profits

With years of experience helping nonprofit clients, our firm understands the challenges and needs of not-for-profit entities. That helps us go beyond core accounting services to provide your nonprofit with the kind of industry-specific expertise that helps you focus on growing your organization.

All through the year, we work with you to evaluate these key areas of your nonprofit business:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation
  • Budgeting
  • Internal Accounting Controls

Free yourself and your staff from complex, time-consuming accounting functions. We’ll act as your accounting department so you can manage and grow your nonprofit business. Patrick Accounting will:

  • Process vendor invoices online – which also allows us to share relevant information with you quickly and efficiently.
  • Process your payroll. Simply enter your payroll data online, and we handle the rest – returning your paychecks and direct deposit remittances, and posting employees’ pay stubs to their own secure portals.
  • Balance checkbooks for all of your accounts – and give you access to our secure website, where you can see views of your cash position in real-time, including restricted funds as well as temporarily restricted funds.
  • Perform tax preparation and provide compliance support. We keep ourselves updated on tax laws specific to the nonprofit industry.
  • Make sure you’re ready for audit season. When your books are in excellent order and your expenses are properly recorded (as in a statement of functional expenses), you can approach audit season with confidence. We’re also dedicated to helping the audit process go more smoothly, and will provide any information your auditor needs as well as answering questions for you or your auditor.
  • Keep you informed about your current financial status through detailed statements and reports. We can offer you a current view of your not-for-profit’s financial health at any time, because your data is collected via the web in in real-time.
  • Help you stay in compliance and good standing with the State. The kind of accurate, timely financial reports Patrick Accounting can provide are instrumental in helping nonprofit organizations comply with State requirements and remain in good standing with the IRS.
  • Segregate bookkeeping and accounting activity. Separating accounting activity from day-to-day bookkeeping operations is a good idea that can help you ensure the proper checks and balances, and Patrick Accounting can help you do that. We’ll act as your remote accounting department, making sure the proper controls are in place and maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your accounting process.

Your nonprofit organization was formed as a result of your passion for a cause – and we understand that passion. We help you navigate the complicated maze of accounting for nonprofit entities so you can focus your own passion and energy on your core mission. Let us serve your nonprofit business so you can better serve your cause.

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