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The Best Methods for Goal Setting in 2019


Sliding Into 2019 Like Whee!


Sending Lots of Christmas Cheer from Patrick Accounting

2019 Year Concept. Top view of Businessman on Start line, Ready for New Business Challenge

7 Ways to Save Money on Taxes Before the End of the Year


How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Customers – Part 2

Businessman analyzing growing 3D AR chart floating above digital tablet computer screen, showing successful increase in business profit

Why It Might Be Time to Raise Your Prices for Better Profits – Part 1


How to Thank Your Employees the Right Way

Man with glasses blowing up a balloon on blue background

How to Boost Your Profit With Parkinson’s Law

portrait of surprised man

Why You Should Take Your Profit First


The Most Important Goal-Setting Question (and Why You Need to Answer It)

7 slices of homemade pumpkin pie in row sitting on white wooden table

Using the Wheel of Life to Shape Your Goals (Part 2)

Businesspeople Hand Connecting Multi Colored Pieces Of Pie Chart On Desk

Using the Wheel of Life to Shape Your Goals (Part 1)

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